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Map of my Childhood, left page


I started these pages as a bit of semi-urban history for Staycation. I don't have photos of downtown areas, except for monuments along the National Mall in DC. But I do have pictures of places and buildings important to me. And the pages fit the green-blue-brown color challenge from last Saturday. But because the focus is on the landscape I was allowed to travel on my own, from about age seven, I decided to post them here. All of these sites, except the library, were in walking or biking distance. The farthest was Grandma's house on Stewart Avenue, about a mile from home. The library was downtown, and required a driver, or a bus trip when I was 10 or 11. The school photos are from Mansfield archives, posted on the school web page, and date from the opening of each - 1884 and 1950. The library photo is from a recent renovation, but the architecture is as I remember it. I called the research librarian, and he agreed to send me a photo of the original school from their archives. If it's better than the one I downloaded, I'll use it.

All in all, these pages are not so much about exploring an urban area as about a walk back in time. Assembling the parts was a challenge, but I enjoyed the process. Supplies for both pages are in EXIF. Thanks for looking!

Photo Information for Map of my Childhood, left page


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I love your two pages Jo - how special to record this part of your life and you did it so beautifully! Super map and photos and I enjoyed reading your notes and looking through your page. :)

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What an absolutely fabulous idea. I love the title and the street map. The photos are lovely and I enjoyed reading your notes. Really great.

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