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HNC 9/11/13: "Gardener"


I was a gardener when I spent time with my sister last Spring. But, I did get to reap some benefits when she sent me a huge box of yummy vegetables in August! :)

For this layout I used:

COL Garden Plot Collection Mini

BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie

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Wow -- just look at those yummy veggies! I want some right now! I love your photos and the garden-green background. Fabulous journaling, too. And, if you weren't able to share those wonderful vegetables with all of us, I'm glad you shared this page! :D

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Oh, my, this almost makes me want to take up gardening! I especially like the photo of you with the tiller. How amazing are those veggies! WOW. Just beautiful. What a fun way to "preserve" your memories.

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I am with Dot! Except I know better than to start something I will have no interest in after the first plant dies... lol. Love the sequence of events from the sowing of the land to the little shoots to bigger plants and eventually to a wonderful array of fresh food in your kitchen! I can see your teacher side coming out -so many kids don't know where fruit and veg come from :-(. I loved watching the journey here!

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I love this page! I love gardening, even if I only have a tiny one. Your photos and the supplies you used are perfect for each other.

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