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October 2013 Art Journaling Chat: "My SuperPower Wish - Chi..."


Here's my layout for the October Art Journaling Chat & Challenge found HERE.

I chose the second prompt " If you could have one Superpower, what would it be?" to create my page and decided I'd like to have the SuperHero Power of "Chi" or energy.

I looked through my papers and the Art Journaling section of the Boutique to find papers that conveyed movement, nature, strength, etc for my background and used Brandy's SS Paper Templates "Art Diary" because the work is done for me and I just clip the papers to the layers! I liked the face in this one since it was a wish. Then I looked for symbols to represent my theme, loaded them into PSE and started moving and playing around with them and lastly typed in words that fit. Try Art Journaling, it's fun! :)

Journaling reads:

"SuperHero CHI -- ability to summon and focus natural energy and enhance your natural abilities to extraordinary levels. Strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and senses can all be greatly intensified. Many characters gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness chi or some form of life energy. Also often used for superhuman awareness, energy blasts, elemental powers and sometimes invulnerability. Ancient Chinese describe Chi as "life-force". Balance your inner spirit. We are all made up of energy. Chi is our life energy, our connections to divine, whatever that is to you. .Chi - your life energy. Connection to balance."


For this layout I used:

BMU SS Paper Templates: Art Diary

Naturescape Collection Biggie

SG Exuberance Collection

ACA Iridescence Collection Biggie

DEB Moss Side Collection Mini

BHA Camp Trip Collection Mini

ACA Cloudburst Collection Mini

KSC Oriental Collection Mini

JHI Brush Set: Life Quotes (retired)

DEB Pangaea Paper (retired)

VRA SS Type Paths: Spiral (retired)

Internet Images

Photo Information for October 2013 Art Journaling Chat: "My SuperPower Wish - Chi..."


Recommended Comments

Marilyn, this is so great. I love the little figure flexing it's muscles and the journaling. You can just look and look and find something new every time. Wonderful.

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Beautiful Art Journal page, Marilyn. Love your journaling and I can feel your 'Chi' energy come right off the page. Love all the swirls, water, circles, fire, and all the colors. That is what speaks 'Chi' to me. Energy flowing and not stagnant.

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This caught my eye, right away, I love, love, love how you used the Art Diary page with head on it. It gives the effect of being able to see the Chi inside someone!

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WOW! There's a LOT of energy radiating from this page! I love all the colors, and the swirls and scrolling borders, and especially the quote.

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Unbelievable!!! Such a beautiful page -- the lines, the embellies, the colors! Love the swirlies around the chi and the flames. The little man hiking uphill is a great touch! So intriguing to study all the elements of your conmpositiion.

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Fabulous page Marilyn - so much to look at and thing about. I love your main quote and I particularly like the silhouette of the person with the fire and how you placed it within the head on the template. Thanks for a brilliant chat.

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This came out great, Marilyn - well worth the trouble it caused you. I love the watery swirls - perfect choice for your chi talent.

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Amazing AJ page! I like all the different ways you showed energy. My favorite is the woman holding a ball of fire as she stands behind/in the flames.

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