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Art Journalling Challenge2


This is a first for me and I don't really know if I've done the correct things. I didn't use any brushes but I'm hoping that's Ok. It was fun.


I used




























Fonts:- Sweetly Broken


LD Grunge



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Do you know what's great about art journaling? There is no wrong way! :) This is lovely, Kay! I love the mix of bright sunny colors with a grungy feeling. Great phrases and imagery, too. Nice work!

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Oh, Kay this is lovely and in Art Journaling (actually, I'd say any art or creation) nothing is ever incorrect - that word just doesn't exist! And, since it's all about YOU, and there are no rules - anything works and this page most certainly does. Your soft, blended background is gorgeous and I really like how this page so portrays the essence and feel of your warm, optimistic self. I love the colors you used and pieces and content and happy pieces and elements you added and blended in. I really like your words and most especially the music score under the face and the smiles in the cheeks. How clever and creative you are! Marvelously creative layout all about Super YOU! Thanks for coming to the chat and adding your beautifully creative work of art to the Art Journal Gallery! :)

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I too love the head with the wavy hair. Looks like ocean waves. Love the heart with the sun rays coming out from it. Your whole page is wonderful and has so much to look at. Great blending of all the papers and elements that you used. Those smiley faces are too engaging and make me smile. Love the music on the head and the added phrase 'always look on the bright side of life'.

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This page totally reflects the warmth and positivity you exude. I know you reasonably well and this page is a great reflection of who you are on the inside, this is so happy and joyous... You did a wonderful job of adding the smiley face and music symbology and your quotes are perfect. Wonderful to see you give Art Journalling a try! Great job.

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