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2014 01 Olympia


My layout for JJ Task 19 -



- use just 1 photo

- use just 3 elements, duplicated if desired

- incorporate specific tutorial


The tutorial I picked, Shalae Tippett's Placing Your Journaling Inside a Shape, is a great way to fit journaling in nooks and crannies left by overlapping photos and elements. However, this challenge required ONE photo and just THREE elements, so in order to create some interesting edges to journal around, I broke my one photo into puzzle pieces. Moving a couple of the puzzle pieces gave me a place to insert journaling in a unique shape.


Three elements used:

TCS CreativeLife Emb Butterflies

BMU JIFPlus 12x12 Menagerie q Branch (used twice)

KVE Violetta Emb Cloche



Title - used a stroke around my text - font Jezzibel

BMU SchoolZone Paper

Puzzle shapes - Kim Liddiard



Recommended Comments

I saw the puzzle and just had to have a look! and then i saw that it was you and that made me happy! Great use of the puzzle and the journaling to fit inside the piece--and i do think our capital is very pretty.

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What a creative and clever idea, Tina - I love what you did with the puzzle and pieces, how cool! Your photo is wonderful and your background beautiful. Great journaling, too. Lovely work. :)

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Hey, I've been there! The puzzle effect is so cool, and I love how you tucked the journaling in there. Brilliant! Love the red berries and that beautiful font in the title. Great page!

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Simple and striking! I like the puzzle template. It draws attention to the photo in a unique way. The idea of a bit of nature under a bell jar is fun, too.

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What a great idea that was to use the puzzle for your photo. Love how you added your journaling down in the corner. I love the bell jar and the butterflies. Great page.

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