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I started a resolution this year to read at least 5 new autobiographies/biographies. I have already finished five and I'm on my sixth! (Guess I set my goal a little low.) I have never been that interested in biographies before though, so I thought this would be a good goal for me. Now that I have started I love to read them and have found some great ones.


This is pg 1 of a 2 page spread that I did on my favorite book so far. My Life in France by Julia Child.


These pages are actually part of a bigger project that I'm working on. I'm collectively putting together pages from all the books that I've read. In each layout for this collection I'm including the notebook (it's on pg 2) as well as a picture of the book jacket. In the notebook I included what I called "My Take Away" as well as some quotes that I like. It's been a really fun project.


SG supplies used included:




BMU_SSEmb_TrinketChain_Fork &Spoon




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I love your project idea! If this is an indication of the type of scrapbook pages you are making, keep at it! It's wonderful. When you are finished, you'll have a fabulous album. I love your design here and your embellishments really draw us into the journaling. Great job!

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What a neat idea! You should share the titles, too in the good reads thread. Very nice layout, too - perfect collection for the theme.

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