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Thurs 6-12 Challenge for Tuesday June 10 Sketch

Florida granny

Part of the charm of Key West, Florida, is watching the chickens and roosters wandering around the shops and outdoor restaurants.


I enjoyed working with Tuesday's sketch!

BMU Nassau Collection Biggie;

BHA Blossom and Blooms - Tropical (I couldn't find the Boutique link. Brandy, I hope you didn't retire this collection!)

BMU SS Tools Styles: Rustic Super Biggie;

BMU Action Pack Megalift - PSE;

Photo Information for Thurs 6-12 Challenge for Tuesday June 10 Sketch


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I love your LO with wonderful water birds so this one surprised me. Chickens wandering around, really??? Very eye-catching; I like the way you've placed tropical flowers and foliage over the great snappy orange palm fronds (is that what you call them?) Fabulous photos - but makes me think walking underneath the chickens could be risky! My youngest son had two extremely tame chickens as pets. Rode on his shoulders but never got them housebroken - lol.

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Now that's what I call Free Range. Love the photos. Beautifully scrapped. I love the colours and cluster.

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Your photos are great but your background is awesome, Diane! I love how you mixed backgrounds, flowers and palm fronds into such a gorgeous piece, it's amazing! I also really like the way you arranged your photos the the border around the side of the page. Fabulous work! :)

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How fun to see chickens all over! I guess I wouldn't like to clean up after them or hunt for their eggs, though! I like the tropical theme of your page. I especially like the background paper and the matting paper. Lovely clustering, too!

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So it appears that you discovered the restaurant that has outdoor seating under a very large tree filled with chickens. As a tourist, we thought that the chickens were an added attraction but the residents attempted to erridicate them from the island. We were delighted to see that the chickens, did in fact, win the battle. (Could do without the 4:30am crowing however!) Can I just steal your page for our Key West album Diane? It's truly delightful!!!!!

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Sorry but I hate birds. (Sorry Jo Bren :-(). However, I DO like your page Diane! You used the tropical embellishments beautifully to give a feel for the relaxed Key West. Perhaps I missed the chooks as I was too busy sightseeing lol... phew.

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