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10jul14 Whimsical chlg


I captured this picture of Callan mucking around enacting Sheldon with his mind bullets - it's about as whimsical as we get lol :-)





*** I am having all manner of weirdness I my PSE tonight, I don't see that weird shadow over Callans face until I merge layers to make a jpeg... still trying to work out why, grrrrr ****

** update: I still don't know, so I redid a rough extraction and this time it worked... still weirdness going on but at least this expression is fully visible lol ***


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I love BBT!!! Great extraction and comic effect of Callan. I like that you took the picture from the shirt and used it to fill the rest of the layout!

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Oh Jody...whimsical indeed! I love everything about this. My favorite part is the addition of the comic badges...not to mention the awesome photo of Callan!

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Yeah! Love it, Great photo of Callan and I love how you added the image of his t-shirt on your lo.

It would make a great poster on Callan's wall. Ooops!

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Great photo of Callan and glad you got the shadow worked out, Jode! Your extractions are wonderful and I love the badges and word art you used on your colorful background, it's all so full of fun and energy -- and whimsical for sure. Super layout! :)

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Your vision continues to amaze me. There is so much going on in this layout that I can't stop looking and looking. Just so much fun and energy.

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I don't know who those people are ... a TV show I surmise but I love the look on Callan's face and I see that date ... pretty clever ... great layout, Jody!

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