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Thursday DynBrushes Web


I hardly ever use Dyn Brushes. I don't know why because they are great.

MRE_SSPaper_Atmosphere_Special.jpg DCA FoilBlue Style; AFT WornOverlays Style; ASO DYN Brush Stitches; ABR_Falling4U_Special-Green.jpg; ABR_ChicInstinct_Alphas; MRE_SSPaper_Atmosphere_Special.jpg; 1368041362wpdm_Pixelberrypie.com-Fun-Funky-&-Flourished-Photo-Mask-PNG.png;

SNU_FleaMkt_EmbMini_RedClstr-ClstrShad.png; GWH_PrettyPansy_PansyCluster.png; BMU_Menagerie_Special2_Cluster.png; EBA_JIF6_Daffodilly_Emb_Bunch.png; MPE_Cottage_Reflections_Paper_Trees.jpg; SBA Basic Shadows;

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Belle, I love the colors you used ... and the frame is great ... the pops of red draw your eye to the roses (?) behind her

Thanks for your lovely comments. Those are a type of Protea behind her.

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This turned out great! OK... you've convinced me to dust off my dynamic brushes and put them to use, lol. Bianca is really lovely (as are all your grandkids!)

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Bianca is growing up into a beautiful young lady - I can't believe how much older she is looking! Your photos are gorgeous and your page and brushwork is wonderful Belle. Sweet page. :)

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Wonderful page, Belle! Bianca surely is growing up. I love the colors you used to back the beautiful photos, the flower clusters to ground them, and the lovely mask on the top picture.

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Beautiful Belle. Like the others I love the pop of red. I also love how you did Bianca's name (she is beautiful and growing so fast).

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I love the colors you used, and although I don't know how you did it, I love the grungy speckled look of your background. Great job!

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