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Today Is A Gift


During my daughter's middle and high school years, we were allowed the use of a beach house on Dauphin Island during our spring breaks. This was a treat we always enjoyed. Sometimes spring break came early, and the weather was still a little wintry. On this particular day, it was overcast and dreary, so there wasn't much to do but stay inside.


But - all it takes is for one to walk outside on the deck and hold up a piece of bread - you don't even have to wave it around. One eagle-eyed seagull somewhere will see it, and then, before you know it, you'll have a whole flock to feed (and the whole loaf of bread will be gone!). If you tear the bread into pieces and throw it up in the air, they'll swoop and catch it in the air only feet from you. They are very bold and also amenable to having their pictures taken ;).


So, even though the day was a dreary one for the beach, we still made a wonderful memory - thanks for the challenge and the opportunity to scrap it.


JZI Flights of Fancy

MPE Autumn Spice Collection Mini

BMU Plumeria Collection Biggie

BMU Shabby Photographs Embellishment Mini

BMU Styles GL Autumn Distress Biggie


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Great photos! We used to do that at Cape Hatteras to get bird photos. You did a super job of displaying your photos and everything. :)

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Great photos! I love how you used one for the BG and the two inset ones are awesome with their lifted frames and great shadow work. I also really like the border you created along the bottom of the page. Nice work!

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What a great memory! I'm so glad you were inspired to scrap these photos. I love the patterns you chose and the camera embellishment is perfect! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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This is awesome and your photos are amazing, although I've seen those seagulls in action and literally snatch food out of someone's hand. Your embellishments and title are great and your page is wonderful.

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