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Adventure Starts Here


Plodding on... i wonder if i'm being stupid about this coz i will never realistically finish my to-scrap list for this year...


Just a note - Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, so while Christmas is a public holiday, Good Friday is not a holiday for all states, and therefore not all churches would run a Good Friday service. My church does a big celebration on Easter Sunday instead. That left our Good Friday free to go explore. =)


And oh, Gugu means Aunt, specifically your father's sister, and Shushu means Uncle, specifically your father's younger brother.


i adapted one of Jacqui Smith's digiDoer Page Grids. Rest of supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!

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This is wonderful Diana and thanks for the explanations, it's so interesting to learn the language and customs of your country! Your photos are great and I like how you adapted the template. And, as for plodding along.. Why not? Better to have than not, right - even if it is "behind" and takes forever your family will still have these pages to enjoy and remember.

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Marilyn has said it all. Your page is terrific. What a treasure for your family - and you, too.l I like the green you used to mat your pictures. Well done - just keep doing what you can, when you can. The effort is never wasted.

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