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Week 26 June 29 - Jul 5

April Showers

More than halfway done!


Thanks for looking!


Week 26 - June 29- July5

Cathrine has been trying out new recipes and is working as our personal chef. The apple and sausage dish she cooked on Monday was quite tasty. Tuesday we had a Scrap Girls meet-up at our house. It is so fun getting together with friends you have only known in the forums. I cooked lunch, Debbie brought macarons, we chatted, looked at each other's albums and took a group photo in the back yard before everyone left. It was a warm day and I was grateful for air conditioning. Addy found the vent and loved the cool air blowing on her. We all went for a swim that evening. Addy had her first swim lesson with Cathrine. The next day, Cathrine painted a plate at color me mine with her friend. Thomas and Cathrine made naan and it turned out nicely. We had a barbecue on the 4th. We did some more swimming and went to see the fireworks at Oak Hills. It was a warm night and one of the few times I didn't need a blanket to stay comfortable during them. Saturday Bob and I trimmed up some things in the yard and did some more swimming because it was hot.

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