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Week 40 Oct 5-11

April Showers

I have 4 pages beyond this set done, I'm on the home stretch! And I even managed to get some housework done and dinner cooked yesterday. :D


Thanks for looking!


Bob worked on finishing the door for the desk and refinishing the file cabinets that will support it. I stripped the high chair so it would be waiting in line for stain and varnish. Thursday Annette came over and we went to the Pass It Along baby sale. I did some library painting while she was here and finished it up on Friday. When I was done, I went to see Annette and we hit a garage sale and an estate sale and found some baby clothes and end tables. Annette bought one and I bought the other for Cathrine to use. We'd have hated to split up the set. Then we went and picked up chairs that go with the kitchen table someone gave Cathrine. I cleaned out the old desk and found this stash of floppy disks! We cleaned the carpets Friday night and Saturday morning. Thomas went and helped Annette clean their carpets too. It appears he did a bit of gaming while he was there. Addy must have been a great help. Cathrine went to Washington and found an apartment. She will move in next weekend.

Photo Information for Week 40 Oct 5-11


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