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Week 43 Oct 26-Nov 1

April Showers

Thanks for looking!

I took Andrew's senior photos on Sunday after church and didn't realize I'd used the wrong lens until a few days later when I wasn't happy with the set I took of Thomas. I did a retake of Thomas with the right lens and am much happier with them. Before we went grocery shopping, we took Addy by Orchard's and took a few photos by their Halloween display. Not quite as cool as the pumpkin patch, but she got a cute little baby pumpkin. I made chili and GFcornbread one night for dinner. Annette had a gall bladder attack on Sunday and it lasted all week. Friday (Halloween) I picked her up and took her to a Dr. appointment. We think she has a clogged bile duct since she's turning a bit yellow. They had dinner here before heading home. I made her some more applesauce since that is all she can eat without pain and nausea. That night, we got a good number of trick-or-treaters after the rain slowed down. We gave out Twix bars this year. Cathrine went to a Halloween party with Austin dressed as the Morton Salt girl. Saturday was Digital Scrapbook Day on the forums and I spent most of the day keeping track of things there.

Photo Information for Week 43 Oct 26-Nov 1


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