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Week 44 Nov 2-8

April Showers

Getting closer! Thanks for looking.


November 2-8

Monday Annette had an appointment with the surgeon who scheduled a gall stone removal on Tuesday and gall bladder surgery on Friday. She felt much better after the procedure on Tuesday. I brought her back here so I could watch Addy while she napped. That evening, I sanded the high chair since we want to use if for Addy's party on Sunday. Tuesday was election day. The leaves in the front yard have turned; I took a few photos Wednesday morning as Thomas was leaving for school. Annette and I went grocery and birthday party shopping that afternoon. Thursday I baked, frosted and froze the birthday cakes and Bob stained the High Chair. I had Addy all day Friday while Annette was at the hospital. I picked up our Zaycon chicken order and got most of the 80 pounds packaged and in the freezer which wasn't easy with a clingy baby. Annette's surgery timing could have been a lot better, but it went well. Cathrine came home late Friday for a weekend visit. Saturday was the SG Anniversary Event Finale. We did a little house cleaning and Bob got the final coats of finish on the high chair so it was ready for Addy's first birthday party.

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