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My Birth, for my family album



I was the youngest of two children, my older sister Harriet was 14 years old when I was born. I was full term, but tiny, only 4 pounds and about 6 ounces. There was never any doubt that I was loved! Mama and daddy lost a baby two years before I was born. Her doctor warned her not to even try again so she changed doctors and here I am! Her new doctor told her that as long as she rested every afternoon she should be fine. They had a dog at the time, and every afternoon he would bring her her bedroom slippers and drop them at her feet as if to say, “Okay, time to rest!”


It’s funny, Harriet always said how much she resented me when I was a toddler (her dates always wanted to play with me when they came to pick her up) but every photo I have of us together tells an entirely different story.


I was the only one in our family that wasn’t born in West Virginia. I lived in the same house until I married and moved away.














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How special is this page...great idea. That is certainly the way to start an album. Your jouranling is so complete too. Wonderful page.

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love this LO--I was born the same year and it must have been typical to lay a baby on a blanket on the lawn--your story is awesome. The little boy we adopted was 4 pounds 4 ounces born in Guatemala--I was afraid he would have problems, but he eats so much more than his sister- 16 pounds heavier. The picture of you and the hospital is wonderful.

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What a cool story...photos can tell a lot. ...but good journaling really makes it special for other generations who will see it many many years from now. A really wonderful page.

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