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Carla this is awesome - you did an Art Journaling page and did it so beautifully! I love your softly blended background with hints of rain and wind. And, even in a big puddle, that joyous woman is safe and protected under her umbrella. You made great use of symbols, words art and the perfect quote and I like the different pieces you used to display it. So much to see in this wonderful page. Thanks for adding your creation to the Art Journaling Gallery.

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Wow, this is wonderful! I can't believe you haven't done an AJ page before, Carla. Great quote and love the girl and puddle.

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The quote is perfect. Love the framed watering can, giving it focus for the moment and the many drops of rain - life can be like that, the smallest things can lead to the heaviest showers... , your little lady is perfect (love the skirt addition!) and the colours are spot on. Great use of the staples, the puddle and those alpha 'u's'.... Fabulous first page, so happy you joined us and took our challenge!

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Beautiful AJ page. I love the background with all the raindrops falling from the sky and the watering can adding more water to the scene. At least the girl has her umbrella to keep her dry, even though she stepped into a large puddle. Love all the colors you used, especially the yellow of the sun peeking through the rain.

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