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Art Journaling Chat & NL Challenge April 2015 "What's Not to Love?"


When I started this layout the prompt, "Something I Love About Myself" was giving me lots of trouble, because right then I couldn't find one solitary thing I even liked about me. Jody was kindly suggesting some of my attributes, which I'd agree were true, but I was in a mood where nothing felt right or ok and I was mad about everything - even having to think about liking myself! When I saw that little pouty girl she felt just like me. And my stubborn part who wouldn't give up ONE solitary answer gave me my title, a sorta defiant, "What's NOT to Love?". :)

For this layout I used:

SNU Collage Art Collection Biggie

JZI Value Pack Go Left

SNU Brush Set: Art Journal

AFT Rain Dance Collection Mni (fence)

BMU SS Paper Templates: Lighting Effects 2

STI Road Signs Embellishment Mini (retired)

STI Brush: It's Me (retired)


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Love the darkness in this - I think we all have those days... and I remember this... you were grumpy indeed! Love how it turned out and that pouty girl is priceless! Love the lighting effect also with you peering through... Really effective and evocative.

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This is so wonderful... I think it expresses what a lot of us feel. And that little girl is priceless! :D I love the irony.

Remember the old playground song "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms." ? That's what she reminds me of. I love the dark colors, the great embellishments and the whole mood of your page. Terrific work!

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Guest Doris R


This is so perfect...what an adorable little pout, and I most definitely understand that we all have that pouty little girl inside us and sometimes there is just no keeping her in. Beautiful page, love the dark color and the eyes seem to look straight through me.

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Love this--this is truly inspirational! So honest and makes us all see that about ourselves. The girl you selected here is awesome--pulls the entire page together. The browns, the textures...and, oh, the eyes blended into the BG!! Love this, Marilyn. So sad that I missed you guys and the AJ chat tonight....I could journal a similar page right now! LOL Great work!

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Marilyn this this brilliant! I had the same type of thoughts when i started my newsletter layout - it can be so hard to think positively about ourselves, so thank you for being so honest with your page. That little girl is just perfect for this layout andbi love the other art dolls you've hidden in the page. I also love the button heart you've tucked in there! Fab layout.

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I hope this helps you emerge from the darkness. There is lots to love about you. I love your pouty girl and your face in the background. This is a wonderful AJ page.

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It's because you are still in such pain that the world looks dark and you are cross but I agree with your title, 'What's not to Love'. Lovely page. Get well soon.

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Ditto to all remarks above. What you have gone through, and am going through is reflected here. It's just perfect. LOVE.

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SO fun! I love the whole attitude thing that is conveyed in the pouty little girl. This just opens up all kinds of possibilities when we want to just be a little bit sassy in what we convey in a LO! Love it!

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Being involved in that accident and getting hurt probably made you feel miserable and it sure wasn't something you signed up for. I hope with the Lords blessings and healing that you will start feeling that you are very special and your pouty little girl can stomp her feet and start to dance again. Hugs to you, your creativity strikes a cord with us all!

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