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AJ Chat April 2015 - Unique


Sorry - couldn't resist a second page! This one did take a little longer than the first, but again the 'arty' aspect of it was created entirely with products from the designers. I started with my background paper. Then I added 2 SS paper templates and changed their colour and blending modes. Next I added the focal parts of my page - the art doll (which I didn't touch), the flowers (which I 'stamped on, and then 'stamped' circles behind and clipped a paper to them to create the colour of the flowers), and the word art tags. The doll looked as if she was floating in space, so I added the various bits of tape until I was happy. I then moved my word art as I didn't like where it was. Finally I added a couple more paper templates to the background to make it more interesting and colourful, and 'stamped' on various painty and gesso brushes - some of these I recoloured and some I left white, but all had the blending mode changed! Finally I move the word art one last time! I do so love AJ!!



EBA_BookshelfSolids_Paper_Blue; AFT_SSPaper_ShabbyExpert_6; AFT_SSPaper_Essen_GrungyMasks_1; SNU_SSPaper_Watercolor-2_d_Watercolor4; JRE_SSPaper_FreshStart_Edges®; Ro_SSPaper_12x12Edges2201®; EMA_SSBrushSet_MixedUp1; SNU_BrushSet_SpatterMe; BMU_BrushSet_InkedCircles; STI_News_PaperMini®; BMU_HeartofGold_Tape-1; BMU_HelloBaby_Tape_BlackDot; BMU_TravelJournal_Tape_Stripe; BMU_GypsyRose_Tape2; SNU_AYO_CollageArt-Ladies


A.Chang; A.Aspnes; R.Jefferies; C.Designs

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Anna to say I adore this is an understatement!!! It is magnificent.... The sentiments, the techniques... Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing what you did, it is beautiful. And strong. Believe in this page!!! Thanks for taking our challenge and being part of AJ week :-)

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Awwww. this is so sweet. I love what you have done on this very creative page. Your doll is so cute and the tags are so wonderful. Even your colors are fun. A work of art.

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I love how you put the pieces/elements together into a harmonious whole. Great colors and composition. I love everything about this wonderful page. Thanks, too, for letting us know how you did it.

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I especially love the message. I also love the way you used colors and all that great texture. Thanks for explaining your process!

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