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This was very difficult for me. As my mom used to say, I'm my own worst emeny. I was determined to do this challenge, though. I just recently purchase a Smash Book kit and in it it had a pocket sized journal/Smash book. One of the pages was title Top 10 and you picked the 10. I chose this challenge for my top 10. It took me a long time to list 10 things I love about myself. When I saw all the other AJ pages I almost didn't want to post mine. But one of the quotes I used said "Make and be confident in your own choices.. Stop looking for people's approval for everything. Live your life and do what you want." So I had to post mine. I'm just starting out in AJ so still finding my style.

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Oh I love all the aspects of yourself. Great journaling - and yes we have to stop looking for approval from everyone else - I have a HUGE problem with that. the journaling in the figure is great, love the font/alpha looks so creative. amazing job!

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AJ is about making a page that expresses you, means something to you and feels right to you. For that reason every AJ page is a perfect AJ page! I love your layout - I love the little journal book you used and the brilliant list you came up with, I love your journaling round the edge of the page and I love the background you created. Super job - well done :)

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After reading your Top 10 List, you sound like someone I would like to have on my list of friends! Your quotes around the edge are wonderful bits of advice for self approval. Great page, love it!

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Oh my gosh Kelly you did an awesome job with this page, I'd think you'd been Art Journaling for a long time. Beautifully blended background with lovely symbols (I see you!) and word art added in and around your page. I really love your use of color and texture and what a great idea to use your Top 10 list from your Smash Book! I truly enjoyed reading more about you and I'm so glad you took this challenge. Fabulous layout and thanks for adding this piece of you to the Art Journaling Gallery.

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Stop looking for people's approval or What will the people say? My brother was also one of those who always thought, What will the people say until his best friend told him, "Sebastian, remember, you are the people". That's what we must always tell ourselves. We are the people. I love your list especially number 9 & 10. Beautiful page.

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Oh Kelly, I have to say it's a good thing we aren't friends ... I'd hafta be hollering at you all the time LOL! Who cares what others think? As long as you're not causing hurt ... it's all good and OK. I'm proud of you for doing this challenge and you nailed it!

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Incredible. You did a wonderful job on this page. Love the photo you blended into the heart. I see the lady as an Indian princess with her headdress of feathers and a mandala for her face. Her black hair looks like braids. Love your journaling and your top 10 list.

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