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Laughter is part of my Soul


Created on my iPad. The silhouette is a shadow of me from one of my walks. Other elements are from Tangie Baxter. Fireworks from a free photo from the internet. Really loved doing this!


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This is wonderful and how cool to use your shadow on your page about you! I really like the brightly blended background you created with lots of hue and texture. Your quote is fantastic and it's a great quality to love. I especially like your use of word art and symbols they look awesome. Thanks for adding this piece of you to the Art Journaling Gallery.

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This is wonderful. I love the word art. Lovely layout. Which program did you use? I'm also trying to learn to scrap on my IPad.

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Great job! And double kudos for making it happen on your iPad. Love the vibrant colors and the use of your elongated shadow. I, too, am interested in which app you used...please share!

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Sorry I do't get to my computer very often and I could not post a reply from my iPad or iPhone. That is why I try to use my iPad so much. So much lighter and smaller than even a small laptop.

It gets a little confusing sometimes but I use several apps.

I used Leonardo app to use its layer capabilities and other effects. It works a lot like Photoshop that way. I mask a lot through this program too. The blending layers are there too. Although I have not figured out how to do clipping mask reliably yet! Working on it...

Some of my elements were from scrapbooking kits that I brought in to my iPad through Dropbox. It will transfer png files too. The quote, I got from the Internet, I typed it in an app called Word Swag. It creates wordart, and designs it for you with many options. It's a pretty cool app b/c I am no designer! You can save it to your camera roll and then pull it into Leonardo as a layer and manipulate like in PS.
I use various other apps to create different elements and save to camera rolll so I can pull to Leonardo. Does that help?
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