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Today 81715







GS_ViolaMoni_MM_p (3)


Oh, and I drew the doll and clipped papers to her.


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LOVE Love love this page...so creative and as always you really rock on the AJ pages. Super super work. Thanks for the inspiration. LOL your craft shops.

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Oh dear that is some day you had and it started so early! Oh, my goodness I thought you were quiet during the chat, who knew you'd snoozed? :D I giggled through your journaling and loved looking through your page at all the different symbols, color and texture you used. Awesome page, Andrea!

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You sure had an interesting day! I like the shopping part. Wonderful blending and mix of patterns. I especially like the people on your page. Love your art doll!

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Oh my, what a day! Such a lovely page. I know how you love to shop. Can't wait to see what you create with all your crafts.

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Confession? I laughed when I read you fell asleep in the chat - and it explained the strange words you typed as you nodded off lol! You had a super busy day after such an early start... I stand in awe. LOVE the art doll you drew, she is perfect for this. The titles and geometrics down the side are spot on too!

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What a great AJ page! I love your art doll. When I first saw it I was thinking ooo I want to buy that set of art dolls. lol She's adorable. I love all the blending and your journaling of your busy day.

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I love this, Andrea, and LOVE your drawing - her stance is perfect, love those legs and arm placement on her. Perfect combination of randomness and colors. I've been out of the loop a little, but hope you feel better soon!

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This is great! You did a super job with the art doll and I love the ladies at the bottom.

The more pastel colors fit it well and you did great with your journaling and blending. Its pages like this that really draw me to art journaling. Nicely done.

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