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I went with my EARLIEST memory... my childhood didn't involve any major events or sad events till I was about 12... and I am trying to stick with the EARLY years here... I can do this all over again later with later memories :-)


BMU_19 Hearts, Petals

ABR_Count The Ways

khadfield_child of the 80s (yes I know it was the 70s, but our tv looked like this one!)


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Lovely memory you have that was shared with your mom. I can picture the cake mix flying all over the kitchen. The TV is cute and it resembles the one we had in the late 60's.

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LOL your cake all over memory. I can just picture it.

The TV with the jouranling is perfect for that memory. All done in your B&W theme even though it was a color TV.Even your background paper is a vintage look Excellent page for memory challenge

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Wonderful memory Jody and I remember for sure stuff flying around the kitchen when our mixmaster was going too fast! Lovely to remember laughing with your mom AND the tv story, but wow, that's young to remember! Lovely page and I like the BW/gray you are using in your book. PS - our tv looked like that too and the only way we got a color one was my Mom won it in a raffle! :)

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You also have me laughing at your memory of the cake mix! Circa 1978, a neighbor with kids your age told me they were making popcorn and she decided to take the lid off the pot to see what would happen. As you can imagine, each time a kernel popped it hit the wall, the ceiling, or whoever was near-by. Great laughter. Maybe she was related to your Mum? :)

So cool to see the old black and white TV on your page describing the TV memory. Another wonderful page, Jody!

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I had to laugh when I saw your TV console--how well I remember my dad's urgency to get the new color model. I too have vivid memories between 2 1/2 and 3 years. After I read your story, I had to call Mom and remind her about our similar tragedy! We were both in tears from laughing so hard! Love this page--your words paint a picture of their own! Well done.

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Woo Boy tooo funny. I have mixmaster story; things didn't fly everywhere but when I was about 13 I had very long hair. My sister and I were making a cake for our mother. As I was mix the batter my head starting being pulled to the mixer. My hair got caught in the beaters!! My hair was fun but the beaters were mangled. Needless to say we had to start all over.


This is a great journaling page, like Laura said you have a way with words.

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Hahaha...that's great! That's definitely one of those moment where you either laugh or cry. So glad that she decided to laugh and make a great memory!


I remember getting out first VHS machine. My uncle bought it for us and the first movie we watched was ET. lol...It's amazing what sticks in little kids minds. :)

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