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19sep15 Weekend challenge


Everyone knows I love Buddy, superstar AFL player. Earlier this month on the eve of finals he revealed he is suffering depression and withdrew to take time to heal. It must be incredibly difficult to reveal this to the world, and your team mates who need you, as depression is hard enough to reveal for the rest of us. Applause to you Buddy.

I was inspired by Shannon's method of stacking papers to make this page, thanks Shannon!








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Yay! A Buddy photo! Now I can sip my morning coffee and just stare for a while. :) (You don't mind sharing him for a bit, do you?)

I'm sorry to read of his troubles and admire him for admitting it to the world. It proves that no matter how "perfect" one's life seems to others, that really has little to do with the disease.

Your use of word art is always masterful; it looks wonderful here, especially since you've also managed to keep a good amount of white space. How do you do that???

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That is admirable, especially in today's world.

Great page and great use of paper stacking, you get lots of wolf whistles from me, you don't mind if I keep clicking on your LO now and again do you :D.

Great page Jody!

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Look at that Buddy! Sorry you have to miss him, but glad he is seeking help. Great photo and page, Jody. I like your use of word art.

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Fabulous content in this LO, Jody! Amazes me when a public persona has courage like Buddy here to publicly define his/her challenge! Bravo is the perfect title! Amazing LO on so many levels.

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