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AJChat Sep 2015


edit: now the prompt has been revealed "Today I smiled..."... I can explain my page.

Waiting on some news here and it has been a bit tense, but a friend has been checking in on me and no matter how hard it is, she can get through and make me smile :-)

My page shows the spiral both downward and upward of worry and being lifted back up :-)













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Amazing page! I love the rich colors and the various spirals. You always do a masterful job illustrating your feelings. I hope the "hopeful" part of the page is the stronger part.

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Awwwww.... Jody, this is so touching and your page made me smile! I love the whirlwind of feeling, yet the smles ring through. I really like the colors used and the word art around the page. I know your friend appreciates your page and I'm sure you make her smile too. Lovely work. :)

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Great page Jody. It is so good to have a good friend who can lift you up from the downward spiral. I love the colours and the whirlwind of emotion.

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I can feel your emotions swirling around. Feels intense with a bit of hope shinning through. Your title brought forth a song from Girl Scouts. "Make new Friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold. Sounds like your friend is golden." Hoping all works out in the end for you.

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Lovely page with very creative imagery. I like the downward and upward spirals idea. Life can be that way, and I appreciate your openness in mentioning troubles as well as joys. We all have them, but don't always talk about them.

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What an amazing communication of tension and joy. The comments above articulate my feelings; hope yours are more peaceful by now.

(I missed the original posting of your page - was out of contact with the internet for about three weeks, and then catch up time . . .).

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