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Art Journaling Chat & Challenge Sept 2015


I was having a hard time with smiles on the day I did this layout - couldn’t quite find any and was in quite a cranky mood. This page started out wondering about smiles and smiling… And, then I spent the day with my “little” (just turned 17!) friend Jesse decorating his family’s Sukkah and later having dinner together. And, I somehow found some smiles… Love that cute guy! :)

FYI: It is currently the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot and I always help my friend’s family decorate their Sukkah and share dinner with them.

From Wikipedia:

A sukkah is a temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot. It is topped with branches and often well decorated with autumnal, harvest or Judaic themes. The Book of Leviticus describes it as a symbolic wilderness shelter, commemorating the time God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness they inhabited after they were freed from slavery in Egypt.[1] It is common for Jews to eat, sleep and otherwise spend time in the sukkah. In Judaism, Sukkot is considered a joyous occasion and is referred to in Hebrew as the day of our rejoicing” and the sukkah itself symbolizes the frailty and transience of life and its dependence on God.

For this layout I used:

SNU SS DLO Template: Art Journal

BMU Autumn Jewel Collection Biggie

SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me

SNU Type Paths: Shabby Text

BMU Brush Set: Scripted

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I adore the colours in this page... they represent the time of year and the celebration so beautifully. I am thrilled that Jesse got through to you and made you smile. Be sure to show him this page! Love the dark places and the light hearted ribbon and leaves...

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thanks, Marilyn, for explaining what a sukkah is--I have just been learning more about the Jewish holidays and what they mean and how can I honor that, amazing. And thanks for your wonderful theme on smile and how you showed him in the background. He ought to love this too.

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Absolutely gorgeous, Marliyn! Love these vibrant colors and beautiful blending. And really love that you found your smile while helping your little friend :)

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Wow from me too Marilyn! I really enjoyed reading about your day you spent with Jesse and how it made you smile.

You have put your Lo together so creatively and I love the rich colors of autumn and your smiles.

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Beautiful rich colours for your BG. I enjoyed reading your journaling so I've learnt something today :) Glad you enjoyed your day and it made you smile :)

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Out of the darkness comes the light, Jesse! So glad you found your smile. I too, love the warm autumn tones. So warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing about the special holiday and the preparations.

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What interesting journaling ... thanks for sharing about sukkah. I like the colors that you chose and how your title smile is sort of hidden as if it needed to be coaxed out.

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