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September Art Journal - Smile

Florida granny

I got thinking about what makes me smile; all lives have ups and downs, but mine has been rich and colorful for the most part and surrounded with love. I'm a fortunate woman! When I think of those around me, I smile. By the way, scrapping makes me smile, too. :)


Thanks for a great chat, Marilyn and Jody!


SNU SS Emb: Art Dolls 6301;

JRA DoodleMeDo;

BMU Ss Paper: Fusion Masks;

SBA Breathtaking;

BMU Different Strokes 2;

AFT SS Styles: Everyday Glitter Neutral 6401;

SGR Little Sky Paper;

SNU Kitschy Summer Emb - smile;

SNU Stories We Tell Nano - WA;

DCA Greetings -WA;

CRO Autumn Splendor- WA;

Photo Information for September Art Journal - Smile


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That psychedelic background and the 60s vibe is fabulous!!!! I love all the bright colours and the joy that jumps off the page... it is so full of energy and passion... Wonderful - and I am smiling just looking at it!!! Thanks for taking our challenge!

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This is so wonderful Diane and conveys what your notes and words explained so perfectly -- I feel it all from just looking through your page! I love the happy vivid colors and different pieces and blending you used and how you put it all together is masterful! I'm having an awesome time and smiling as I look. I really like the word art and art doll and how she's colorless except for her smile. So many thoughtful, deliberate parts to this layout, it really is a treasure and you did fabulously! Thank you for adding your smiles to the Art Journaling Gallery. :)

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LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This is beyond gorgeous. Love the vibrant colors, beautiful doodles, wonderful blending and great quote! Just amazing!!!

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oh yes, wonderful. Yes it's making me smile, love the zentangles which will always make me smile and your colors are fantastic.

Super duper smiley page ! :)

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