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Art Journaling Challenge Sept

Scrapin Pat

Ok I did it this time. What a process ... it feels a lot like when I want to write something and can't let it go till I do. Anyhow we have been struggling here because my son has had serious health problems (actually got good news today so joy is a fitting word.) Any how I have been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is phenomenal. She talks about learning the language of "Eucharisteo" which is thanksgiving in Greek. She does it by making a list of the small everyday things.... a list of 1,000 gifts and it changes her world view. Her tools: a journal pen and camera. Aw you see how I connect so well. It is not that different from why we scrapbook or take a picture a day.


So I used:

DEB Fascination for the background

The book cover of One Thousand Gifts is actually blended into the background and barely visible

SNU Art Journal brush set for the figurine

SQ Anniversary Collection provided the camera I put in her hand

ABL Naturalist for the journal

BMU FTDO for the pen

MRE Well Loved for the Joy word art

SNU Picturesque for the Joy clip on the book

ABL Birdsong for the Blue Bird


Along the edges are quotes from the book:

And in the journal my list of gifts from today

1. grass growing green at summers end and the sweet smell when mowing it

2. the deepening red of the sumac

3. having family to support and be supported by

4. friends in a storm




Photo Information for Art Journaling Challenge Sept


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Wow, Pat this is awesome and a wonderful Art Journaling page that's like a diary entry - except made with art! I really enjoyed reading your notes and thanks for explaining, I must look up that book and concept.

Your page is beautiful and so softly blended, I really like the colors and embellishments you used and the quotes and words you used around your page. I think you and your layout comined perfectly to create it!

Most importantly, so happy for you that your son got good hews today - that's joyful for sure. Thanks for adding your smile to the Art Journaling Gallery. :)

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So moving...what a wonderful page in such soothing colors. Super sensitive meaning too. Thanks for sharing that info. Wishing your son and family good luck with his health issues.

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This is a true gift to share with us! The book sounds very interesting - a list of small everyday things a 1, 000 gifts. So moving, touching. You certainly nailed art journaling. Hoping for continued joy for you & your son.

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Oh Pat! I am so happy for you. It must be a huge relief for you to have some positive news at last. I understand that so well :-). Your page exudes calm and serenity - but also joy. It is peaceful and relaxed, probably the first time for so long huh? I am pleased that you got to get everything out and 'felt' the process, it is cathartic isn't it? You did a great job. Thanks for taking our challenge!

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You've expressed yourself so well here visually. Fabulous art journal page!

I love the colors and the way you've used a variety of fonts and placements of the quotes.

I'm so very happy for you, too, to have gotten some positive news!

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Love your Art Journal, great colours and wonderful heartfelt journaling. I also love the silhouette of the lady.

May your joy continue and wish you and your family the very best of wishes.

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