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So about 3 or 4 years ago I had a few health scares. Thankfulyl it turned out not to be too serious but definitely an eye opener. Since then I have tried eat healthier, exercise more, ( lost about 20 pounds), have a more positive outlook on life. I love to do yoga, I sometimes meditate. Recently, I changed positions where I work. I wasn't too happy about it. (have to be there at 5 am) But I try to look at it as a blessing in disguises. Anyway, yesterday when I arrived at work I ran into a co-worker that I trained about 3 years ago but hadn't seen since then as she works overnights. And I journalled what she said to me: "Wow you look different. There’s something different about you. You look more confident and sure of yourself. I haven’t seen you. in a long time but, I noticed it right away. You really look good." That made be smile. I work in a big box store and used to be a cashier. Some of the regular customers would comment about how I always seem to smile and am polite, even when it's crazy busy. So yeah, that's my story. I just try to find happiness because it's good for the body and soul, while stress can wreck havoc.

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Wow, good for you, Kelly - what a wonderful story! I enjoyed reading your notes here and your journaling about what made you smile - and you sure deserve it! You have an awesome outlook and hooray for you for changing your lifestyle to support good health. Your page is gorgeous and I love the colors and soft blending you used and the way you placed your journaling and quotes around the page and the figure. I especially like the sun and all the textures and patterns you incorporated in such a beautiful way. Thanks for adding your smile to the Art Journaling Gallery! :)

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The colour work and the patterns here work wonderfully and I like how there is such energy and vitality to your page. You are a wise lady and I am smiling from ear to ear reading what your friend said to you - how fabulous!Documenting this small moment as part of a bigger picture will help keep you focussed and help tell your story one day, this is beautifully done. Thanks for making me smile and thanks for taking our challenge!

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Such a beautiful and happy page! Your story is very inspiring and definitely made me smile. Yoga and meditation has done wonders for me too :)

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This is super...I really love the colors and your story to go with it is really perfect...So happy that things are less stressful for you and that you are enjoying life...after all it is short and we should enjoy it.

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I love that big smile in the corner! Your page is delightful -- great colors, patterns, movement. Good for you, too, making positive changes in your life. Here's to much happiness and to continued good health!

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You certainly made me smile Kelly, love your journaling and you have made an awesome art journal, love the smile and your quote,

super blending of your background.

Great page! :)

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