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Jody! What a gorgeous layout and wonderful news! So happy to see it posted here, although I admit the surprise was "given away" in the NL first. Lovely dress and beautiful use of the colors and I adore how you used the marquee lights so gorgeously. Your page is so full of texture and elegance and is stunning as I know you will be. Thanks for sharing, so happy for you. xo

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I recognized this immediately as your page. Stunning use of this years colors...I love your blinkie sign too. Darren better not see this page. I love your blue lace and mask work it looks like a work of art.

I am so excited for you and the boys after waiting all this time it will be so special.

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Ooooooooo - did you hear me squeal with happiness for you all the way across the world?!?!

I'm so happy for you all! Gorgeous layout to announce your engagement!

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Oh, Jody - what wonderful news, and what a beautiful page to announce it! I wish all of you joy as you begin a new part of your lives.

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You are going to be a gorgeous bride! thanks for the sneak peek at your dress.

I love your layout here and especially the blinking marquee. You know I wish you much happiness always. Hugs.

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just want to jump up and down for you and your family! Do we all get invited online?? We are all giddy for you! Thanks for sharing this and may your joy be boundless. Love the texture and the Marquee lights and dress!

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