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04may16 DesignerChallenge _ Jopke


I have a couple of Jopke's kits but not the newest one so I used what I had to try and make a Mother's Day page - this is more about being a mum and how you love your kids no matter what. My two were goofing off, which I discovered when a friend gave us this wedding photo - cheeky little guys - but I still love them :-)








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Love that you made the page in neutrals and made the B&W photo, it makes the page elegant. Goofy but handsome boys.Very special page.

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Love those guys and that photo! Very pretty how you made your page in monotone with a little hint of soft yellow. I really like how you framed your photo and the word art you used, lovely page Jody!

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Oh they are definitely your boys Jodi! They both have your lovely eyes!! I knew this was your LO soon as I saw it in the gallery! Love the colour scheme.

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You have two of the cutest boys on the planet! LOL I'm laughing because I have a similar photo of my two with their lips just like that! Cool way to title your page and I love the sepia tones/browns in your LO w/ the roses. Beautiful--and CONGRATULATIONS JODY on your wedding! God bless all of you!

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Hee hee! I love those silly little faces! I remember doing that very same thing as a kid -- flipping the bottom lip over. Sooo silly! As always, your LO is marvelous! A great depth and intensity as you've layered so many wonderful things for us to explore! (Love the text layering especially!) You're so creative!

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