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Project Life, week49-2016



Time is flying by! December is here and so begins the busiest time of year for us. Although, now that I’m retired it’s mostly fun things that I choose to do, so if I’m too busy it’s my own darned fault! Our program is coming up on Saturday and we have a bunch of extra rehearsals scheduled. The men were all razzing Billy because he’s the only man in the choir without a beard, so on Friday night he showed up with a “beard”. Too funny!


Dave decided that Petey Penguin was lonely so we have now added Frosty to our front yard. I had to laugh because Dave doesn’t really get into the decorating except to humor me.


I saved an illustration of Sandra Boynton’s to paste into my Bullet Journal. She is so clever!


On Monday evening we were invited to the church staff dinner gathering in Murfreesboro at B. McNeel’s. There were about twenty of us, it included committee chairs, staff, and spouses. I’m getting braver - tonight I had fried okra for the first time! Sushi last week, okra tonight, who knows where it will end?!


Our tree at home is up and decorated. I went back to using the angel that Sarah made in 1998 when she was two. The star I bought when we moved is just too heavy.


I only have a few photos from our last rehearsal and concert. The friend who took photos last year has moved, and the guys in the sound booth didn’t understand that I wanted tons of photos on my empty

memory card. Oh well. They did get a nice one of me doing my solo. We really need to paint the walls because that yellow paint makes photography almost impossible!














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Great photos and journaling, I love reading your pages and weeks. I also like Boynton - haven't seen her in awhile!


I follow her on Facebook!

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