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Project Life 2017 October 1


Page 1 for October!  
Journaling reads:
Susan stays to help; ride to Highlands in new Mini Coop convertible; fun but smushed in tiny back seat with two crutches & big boot!…  Lovely lunch outside @Red Rock with Jack & Bev, then ice cream!…  James visits…  Susan & outdoor haircut; Terry and Sisi’s book…  Surprise pepper…  Hand-me-downs!…  New foot soak from Henry…  Dr Q not happy; can “inject” with Calcium Phosphate: “hurt more 2 weeks, then can walk on in boot”. Suddenly I’m seeing surgical coordinator…  Terry & Sisi’s book & Dr Dave for surgery clearance; later EKG, whew…  8am bloodwork & painting, feeling sick so back to Dr Fost - Zithromax & NO surgery if not better.  Connie & Angela RX pick up adventures…  Henry & lunch with Conk @Nick’s…  82º!…  SG Build-A-Sandwich Chat Challenge…  Jody bad news Anniversary & memory shirt…  MBC - all ok.  No elevator = crutching up 3 flights, yuck…   5:30am 10/10 with Susan @Clara Maass; hilarious reruns; wake with stitches & drilled hole in bone in the ever-expanding “injection” story…  PM agony & gut-sob until drug kick-in next day & blessed sleep…  Terry here; all 5 Lardieri’s visit…  Foot is huge and black!… Call Apple for unrecognized EHD begins the start of another Saga…  Jody gone 9 months…  Conk visits…  Lori finds Sharon..  Connie stops, Susan PM with ice cream & takes computer for Sharon…  PD overnight; modern day iPad tutoring…  Alison’s 9th & party…  8 weeks on crutches; scary black foot…  Matt’s BB; Jack & Bev stop…  Susan for Cristian & Handicap sticker in pouring rain…  Dr Q - no weight bearing, wraps TIGHT; rethink no block…  Sitting outside in warm weather, fat foot catches rays…  Ro &J - Dr B…  Watercolor, Karen M drives… 3,855 step week :( … Leaves on Fairy Garden…  Boot on; 1 year Rotator Cuff Surgery…  Darren’s sign says all…  Lunch with Conk…  Karen here, $ Store, Farmer’s Market & Jimmy Buff’s…  Continuous hours & days with “Sean-from-AppleCare” & no computer end in “workaround” - no fix…  J bad, M crawl up stairs… Hopeless…  13 weeks hurt foot…  Latte Lyla!…  Cristian, crying & Halloween…  Extremely difficult month…"
For this layout I used:
SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11
AFT Brush Set Mingled Months
SNU Stories We Tell
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
KSC Warmth of Autumn Paper
BMU Autumn Jewel 
ABR Yours Truly Leaves
and my own photos

Photo Information for Project Life 2017 October 1


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Another difficult month chronicled in an artistic and interesting way. It must have been hard to do. By the way, I especially like your background. 

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You are working hard to get your pages completed.  Thank you for sharing the journaling. Very artistic work with the month over your foot photo. 

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Isn't it nice to have this month behind you! Im sorry it was such a difficult month, but as the others have said you have completed it in such an artist way.

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