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Truth Be Told


I actually did this a few years ago, but I think it fits this challenge. I did this when I first learned that I wasn't actually adopted. I have  a tendency to keep things bottled up. I'm only just now realizing that I might not be as okay with all of this as I thought. But I'd like to think that what doesn't kills you makes you stronger? At least I hope so.

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Just read what you wrote. Yes, things like that do bother one subconciently. I bottle things up as well. It’s for people like us to let go. Hugs., 

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I hope so too and I tend to “bottle” yet look ok on the outside!  Your ATC is brilliant and so -- thoughtful.   :)  I really like how you’ve put the words in the bottle and with the face and title you tell volumes.   I especially like how you’ve created such feeling and energy with black and white.  Awesome ATC Kelly.   

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Such a moody card, I am glad you could use those old feelings on this card to release those thoughts. Kelly thanks for sharing the wonderful card with us, this is just amazing. Now make another with some new fun thoughts.

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Oh my this is fab! I think this is a great way of being able to talk/let emotions surface through one's art, basically that's what art is for the creator! Awesome job Kelly!

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