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Weekend Challenge 2/29/2020: Leap Day 2016


I started searching my photos from the week before and after last Leap Day 2/29/16 and found them a diary of interesting times. So, I blended them as part of my background and story AND I actually found one photo taken on the actual Leap Day! Too bad I didn’t think to take one yesterday 2/29/202.
Journaling reads: (sorry so long)
Looking back through photos from the week leading up to Leap Day 2016 brought back a rush of memories… Jody was planning her wedding and from the opposite side of the world I was a part of it as she sent photos and screenshots… Winter 2016 was snowy and icy, so unlike this current 2020 one… It was “Soup” month for the SG recipe swap and I scrapped Auntie Sue’s Zucchini Soup as her loss was still fresh and stinging… Juliet and Matt played basketball nearby so I was able to watch. Amazing how only four years ago they both and Alison look so little!… I was walking for health reasons and braved the cold to walk every day - impressive miles!… Thirteen months after my car was hit my shoulder was a constant pain, literally and figuratively since its specific injury was still a mystery… Terry as always remained a true friend, don’t know what I’d do without her… Funny Neva and her turtle!… I applied for my passport renewal - a huge step closer to Australia and visiting Jody! I emailed photos and she was overjoyed… She sent pics of herself at the hospital and I know I ignored how unwell she looked… Juliet’s BB team played at the Prudential Center on the Pro floor!… And then I found it! A photo taken Leap Day February 29, 2016! It’s the heart in the middle here… Because of post-car accident trauma I was going for biofeedback. While walking on the small running track nearby after my session I looked down and saw this heart-shaped pebble! I’d been taking photos of hearts in nature for many years and since my Mom liked hearts they have a special meaning for me… Jody’s guys look dapper trying on wedding clothes… March 4th Aunt Ro checked out Australia flights. My adventure was getting real - both scary and exciting!… And, then on March 6, 2016 I turned 60. Early that morning I created this Selfie layout with a beautiful birthday poem sent to me a few years earlier. I showed Jody who answered, “You do know I consider you one of my greatest gifts?” I teared. I did. And, the feeling was mutual… I took a 7am birthday walk in freezing weather and watched the sun come up. Later I baked a birthday cake with Auntie Sue’s Magic Frosting recipe, white cake and fruit filling, my favorite she’d often made me… Ali Face-Timed and a birthday dinner with friends completed my day… March 7th my Passport arrived, my upcoming adventure was becoming real!…
It seems significant now that not only did I take a photo on the last Leap Year Day, but that it was a heart. Somehow, love always prevails…..
Marilyn February 29th, 2020

For this layout I used:
SNU BMU SS DLO Templates: Journalers
SNU Everyday Stories Collection Biggie
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
BMU SS Emb Templates: Background Blenders - Masks
AFT SS Styles: Every Day Glitters & ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows
KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels
EMA SS Brush Set: Dry Brush Circles
and my own photos

Photo Information for Weekend Challenge 2/29/2020: Leap Day 2016


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Wow, wow, wow...Super creative LO with all those photos, all that journaling and the mask work. I love seeing Jodi's men and her smiling face. Looks like great memories on this page.


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Marilyn, this is wonderful, I love your journaling.  Jody was such a big part of that time, too - there was so much going on.  In scrapbooking, I think we all ideally want to keep up with documenting our lives and memories as they happen, but I really think creating "looking back" layouts like this are necessary too.  What we remember and how we feel after a little time passes is just as important.  I love how your journaling surrounds what looks to me like a CD label, and the photo montage is awesome.  ?

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How amazing is this Marilyn and beautifully scrapped. I enjoyed your journaling and a fabulous way to scrap all those wonderful memories :) 

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I so enjoyed reading your journaling, and looking at your blended photos. This is an amazing layout in so many ways, a true window into your year.  You're right, "somehow, love always prevails..."  When my dearest friend was dying two years ago, I saw the most beautiful hearts in tree knots.  Never stop looking for the love.

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Wowee! I can see why this is a special layout for you. Packed so full of so many memories, and all blended and merged together so well. It's always a pleasure to see Jody in your layouts. 

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