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Bed of Fall Leaves


Carol W Designs Value Pack: Magic Season
Fonts: September Morning, Candara
Photos: Personal

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Chief is so beautiful and looks like a Prince on those leaves...   So funny because my walking friend and I have been watching the GInko trees lose leaves; on Sunday there was no wind and they were magically falling down and creating a very thick carpet underneath.   We saw green carpets and yellow ones.   Unfortunately, when we walked later the poor owners of one of the houses was trying to blow the leaves into a pile, what a chore.  ?  Your page is lovely and I like how you used this template and the gray and yellow look really pretty together.

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54 minutes ago, MariJ said:

Chief is so beautiful and looks like a Prince on those leaves...   

It is so funny you called him that. I tell Chief he is king all the time. Sometimes he just has this majestic way about him. Thanks for the compliments about the color. I really liked the combo, too. I told designer Carol W that her kit colors were this incredible match to the ginkgo leaves that fell just that day. They were so pretty carpeting the ground that I had to get some photos. Most years they are a brilliant yellow when they fall, but this year they were a mix of mint, sage and yellow.

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Love your mix of papers and the mask of leaves behind your picture of Chief. Will have to check out Carol's kit. I do like the grays.

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This is just so fun. Such a beautiful dog, and I love that the leaves are clipped to a mask - it adds a lot of interest.

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