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River Bolden!!

I am SOOO EXCITED to share, my "foster" grandson is now legally available to adopt!! My daughter met him when he was just days old in the hospital in January of 2019. He was drug-addicted and the nurses said one of the worst they had seen in a while. They treated her as if she was the mom and gave her a private room until he was released a little over a week later. She has had him since that day. Covid slowed down everything last year, but she received the call this morning that it is official!! We are so happy as a family, the birth parents were given every chance imaginable to get help and do right by him and did not. I started this page at 6 am this morning and then had to leave the house for a while before finishing it. I had no idea the call would come today. How fitting!! God is SOOO good! I still haven't been able to talk or write about it without shedding tears of joy!! Praise God with me for His goodness and mercy and prayers for Mom and son for a healthy and abundant life together. Now I am thinking he needs a sister... lol I used the Quick Page Template from Syndee's Life is Good and the majority of the rest is from Angie Briggs_Scenic Route Collection. Then I used just one item each from BMU_LetterboardChristmas_Bow_Burlap, STI_ComfortHome_EmbBig_flower_burlap2.png, Cracked Paint Brushes by GavTrain

Photo Information for River Bolden!!

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