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Swatch Five Exercise web.jpg

EBA_Festivitea_Emb_Leaves; JZI_Angler_EMB-Leaf; JZI_Angler_EMB-Cattails; DDS_WWayOfLife_emb_wood3; DDS_WWayOfLife_emb_paperrolls2;

cwx_Those_of_the_past_bl_pp6; SNU_BlossomHill_Emb-FlowerYell; BMU_CountryRed_WordArt_Fun; BMU_CountryRed_WordArt_All;

SNU_JIF6bySyndee_9_Emb-Flower; BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Aged; SNU_Vroom_Clusters-2; LLO_StayNeutral_Paper_Dotted; di_PreciousMoments_LOL;

OAWA-CatchingWaves-Transfers02; florju_TendreEte2_pp7; SNU Shadows;

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Sure glad I caught this great page before it got bumped from the MB.  Your photos are awesome and I like seeing the laughing and fun everyone is having.    Your arrangement is wonderful and I like the embellishments and title you used.

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