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PL Week 20

May 14, 2021 This was the end of Hospital Week. We gave my new boss, Barbara Seymour, a bottle of wine, bubble wrap (good stress relief), and an Amazon Gift Card. We also opened a time capsule today. Many things in it were letters written by the employees at this time last year, at the peak of COVID. It was fun to hear the thoughts. It was a fun first weekend we are starting to explore the surrounding area. Chad stayed busy working on the camper’s issues. For dinner, we walked down the street to Captain Tom’s. I had deviled crab. Chad had trout. It was yummy! Down the street in the other direction, you can see the Martinsville Dam. It holds up the Smith River that goes past our campground. I love driving by it every day on my way to work. May 15, 2021 At dinner, last night, Chad asked me what I wanted to see today. I pulled up Google Maps and found a place to visit. It was Hanging Rock State Park. We packed a picnic lunch (with my new blanket from the hospital for Hospital Week) and went hiking. It was such a pretty drive. I love the winding roads and hills. The hike was challenging, but the view was worth it! After our hike, we found a grocery store near the campsite and got our weekly groceries. They had the best strawberries! May 16, 2021 Today was a day of rest! But we still had to take Lucy for a walk. We walked down by the river so Lucy can get a drink. It is so pretty. May 17, 2021 It was a very pretty view of the skyline from my office window this morning. It is a great start to my week! http://store.scrapgirls.com/Take-A-Hike-Collection.html

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You sure are busy! I love to hear about the adventures you are on. I always wanted to do something like that.

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Your weeks are always interesting and I enjoy reading about them. I like the mix of papers you used here and your photos are fabulous as always.

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Looks like another very active week. Fun!  You captured it well in pictures. I like the bright colors and tree embellishment.

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