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LLO_PirateBay, AND_SeasonofWhite, Journaling reads-When I went to get a Shih Tzu, there were 7 puppies. I went with the intention to buy a B&W female. The brindle male kept coming over to me I picked him up then picked up several others but he kept coming back so his persistant personality made me take him home ...He picked me!!!! He was my constant companion because I worked at home. We took him to the boat every weekend and on our vacations. He was an excellent travler. We even took him our long boat trips to the Chesapeake Bay, Cape Cod, Long Island,then when we retired he went on two 3 1/2 month trips into the Canadian Canals. He was always happy and friendly, Always ready to go for any adventure we had. He loved hikes, geocaches, walks on the beach, dinghy rides. He was a very popular dog with everyone. I think of him all the time and miss my best pal.

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I remember Pirate and what a great traveler he was.   Your photo is so cute and I like how you added the Pirate hat and how Pirate is coming out of the page.   I also really like your title with the little pirate for an "I".

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That is an adorable story about Pirate. Your page is clever and I like the page burst with the photo behind it. He was 14! So nice you had him so long.

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Great photo of Pirate - he looks like he's just tolerating being photographed!  Love your journaling, and how he picked you out and not the other way around!

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