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PL Week 45


This week was a very sad week. On 11/4, Chad brought Lucy to the vet because she was not acting right. The vet called and told us that she has cancer all over her liver and part of her spleen. She was very anemic which means the cancer attached her whole body. There was nothing for us to do. We made the tough decision to per her down. We spent the evening with Lucy before we had to put her down. We petted her and she at some of her favorite treats. We spent the evening with Lucy before we had to put her down. Johnson Veterinary Care did a great job with this. She went across the rainbow bridge on 11/5. We buried her near the woods she once loved to roam on Mom and Dads property. We spent the weekend full of distraction to help with our grieving. I went to the Carlyle Croppers Scrapbooking Crop in Carlyle while Chad helped Dad make a septic system in their yard. On 11/7, it was so pretty outside. I did Senior Portraits for my cousin Shawn’s son Michael. Then, Chad and I drove to Pyramid State Rec. Area, south of Pickneyville, IL. It was almost sunset, so we were quickly looking for a good place to get some pretty pictures. A guy in a truck pulled up. The dog was barking as he was telling us where to go. He used to do photography so he drove and we followed to the perfect place, just as the sun was getting ready to set. I like to think that Lucy was telling that dog to get his owner to help us! We got some pretty photos. On 11/8, we took Grandma B to Walt-mart. I helped her with the self-checkout. She got a kick out of that! She was always so afraid of it. On 11/9, Chad and Dad worked on putting a door on the Ranger so we don’t get cold on our upcoming ride. They are so talented. They made it from scratch from metal poles and a shower curtain! It worked so well. We caught up with Mom and Dad on 11/10 as we watch the fire on this beautiful fall night. Chad is growing a beard!




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I'm so sorry about your dear pet. I like the way you honored her with your background and the paw prints leading upward to the rainbow. Your photos are lovely (always) and I'm glad you were able to chronicle the week.

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