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PL Week 47


Saturday, 11/20: I submitted a photo to a contest for Illinois Farm Credit. I was one of 56 photos chosen out of almost 700 photos to be published in their 2022 calendar! I was excited. They sent me 10 calendars to share. There was a movie out about Princess Diana that I wanted to see so we invited G-ma Blumenstein to go. She hasn’t been to the movies since “Titanic” in 1997. She couldn’t believe they had recliners in the theater! We watched “Spencer”. It wasn’t a very good movie in our opinion, but we enjoyed the experience. For dinner, since Grandma likes chicken salad, we took her to one of my new favorite places: Chicken Salad Chick. She thought the food was very good. She even had leftovers for lunch tomorrow. She really enjoyed the night out with us. We enjoyed our time with her. After a busy week at work, it was nice to enjoy family for Thanksgiving on 11/25. We visited for a short time at Grandma Olliges’. Just as almost everyone arrived, we left to go to Ken and Sharon’s. It is nice to see them. We all celebrated with the thoughts of our missing loved ones on our mind. After lunch, we headed back to Breese to Dan and Cindy’s where we visited with the remaining guests from lunch. I have been waiting for Thanksgiving to come so I can get Christmas started! I couldn’t wait to decorate the camper for Christmas. Chad wasn’t as into the idea as I was, but he helped me find a good place for a small tree. And I used about 1/2 of the ornaments we have. We hung the stockings by the fireplace. It looks so cozy.







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