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6 August 2022. It's Bianca's birthday today. When she arrived at work yesterday, her collegues had arranged for a little surprise. She got a huge birthday card and even a lovely cake.Lady Grey was in on the action and got some carrots.

Bianca is 19 today. 

ts_yss3_temp3; cap_birdsong; ABL_CowboyUp_Emb3_Foal; SRoberts_WateryWordsBirthday_02; ASO Dyn Brush Stiches; AFT Take Wing;

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Oh my goodness, how can little Bianca be 19, I remember her so well as a little one in your earlier pages!   Your photos and Bianca are wonderful and I like seeing Bianca read her big card.   So nice that Lady Gray got carrots, too!  Your page is put together so well and I like the colors and stitched border you used.   Happy Belated Birthday, Bianca!

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The black is very dramatic with the green and perfect stitching. I love all the photos. Thanks for joining the challenge of the month

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