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World Tour #9 - Vertical and Plaid - Our old home


Journaling reads:

On Friday 23rd September 2022 we visited the town we last left. We drove past our old home and noticed they had the blinds pulled down on the verandah which
we rarely did. An addition to the house is solar hot-water and panels on the roof.  We visited elderly neighbours just down the road from there and they shared with us that a local man bought the house and repaired it for his daughter and son-in-law.
It felt so nice to know a young couple
now live there.


template - SNU_SSDLT_Stitches

Papers and lace  from AHA_Fall Into You;

heart from SNU_SSClub May 2013; 

butterfly from CAP_Paint Chips Cabaret

Word Art from MPE_SSWord Art_Cookery

Font - Throw My Hands Up 

Photo Information for World Tour #9 - Vertical and Plaid - Our old home


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It's nice to know your old home is thriving with new life and your photo is lovely.   Your plaid is really beautiful and I like the lace coming down the side.  I enjoyed your journaling, it must have been bittersweet to see your old house, but I'm glad you are settled into a new one now.

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How nice to know that your home has new life and new young people living in it. I'm so glad. I like your journaling and the stitched framing. The butterflies seem perfect to me as hopeful elements. Lovely page altogether.

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It is so hard to leave a place and all its memories, especially the way you needed to. It is nice to see that a new, young family is enjoying your old home. Your page is lovely and the plaid you chose accents your photo perfectly. 

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I imagine it was a bittersweet moment to revisit your former house. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason that we may not understand. Hold on to the cherished memories and know that the new young family will create their own memories with perhaps some of your love left in the walls. I love how the butterflies fly from the heart up to your house. 

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