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Bingo 15 Santa Diesel Silvis web.jpg


Nedelene and Rian were trying to get a Christmas photo of Diesel. I think they should

give it up as a bad job. Diesel is a Bull Mastiff. He went to puppy school with a French Mastiff called Moose. They were the naughtiest two puppies there.

Mfish_MaskedMemories3_02; CKH_Anticipation_PB_2; MRE_SSWA_Celebrate_SoProud; cap_thatsmyboy_solid8; SG_RustReflec_Emb_BMU_FlowerCluster; SDE_SailAway_Splashes; SG_H4H_Emb_AMD_Santa; BMU_CottageChristmas_Paper_Song; GWH_SummerReverie_Emb_Cluster2_NS;

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Oh my goodness, you and those pups made me smile, Belle, that's so funny that they were the nautiest!   I really like your photos and creative framing and your background is so pretty.

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