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Dec 2022 Project Cozy Christmas Wk 2 Christmas Tree 1975


Journaling reads:
"My father died in September 1975 about three months before Christmas.  My sister was in High School, I had started college and and my Mom just turned 45.  My Dad truly believed in celebrating Christmas and always having a tree so although it would be hard knew we had to have one.  My Mom decided that instead of our normal ornaments this tree would be different and everything on it would be handmade.  I wonder now if the thought of going through all the old ornaments and their memories would have been too painful and that prompted her idea?So the three of us went to work making all kinds of ornaments to fill the Christmas tree.  I spent many an afternoon or evening after dinner at the kitchen table crafting and it absorbed and took me away from the sadness around us.  I made a small cardboard train covered in fabric, clothespin soldiers and Santas and little  geometric glued and painted toothpick shapes.  A tiny bamboo basket became a hanging Santa face and I blew out an egg, carefully cut an oval out of the front, painted and glittered the sides and glued little Christmas figures inside.  A gingerbread man was cut out of green flannel, glued, stuffed and decorated.  White ceramic Christmas shapes were painted and white sparkly macramé snowflakes with red and green beads were crafted.  Some of the ornaments used recycled household products.  A tiny dishwasher detergent basket was painted, glittered and little poinsettias were glued on.
I can’t remember most of the ornaments but zooming into this photo reminded me of some of what I did.  It looks like there is a popcorn garland wrapped around the tree and hanging in the front I see a yarn Santa my Mom made which along with a few other pieces remain in the ornament box today.
On Christmas Day, my entire family gathered to celebrate as we always did no matter what the difficulty in getting there.  Because the love of aunts, uncles and cousins all together gave us the strength to celebrate through our losses.  Family is everything and it was especially important the year of the handmade Christmas tree
For this layout I used:
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
BMU SS DLO Album Templates 12x12 Grunge Block
SG 2011 Christmas Collection
AFT SS Styles: Every Day Glitter Value Pack
KVE SS Styles: Starburst White (recolored)

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Oh, Marilyn, your journaling is so heartfelt and a little sad. I do like the way you situated it around the page, and the glitter lines add an interesting little element. This photo is an incredible thing to have, but your memories of making the ornaments, what you used, and why this tree was extra special that particular year of loss is what makes this LO so incredible. I hope you share this with family so they can share in the memories and preserve them as well.

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I absolutely love your journaling. You are so clever, making all these ornaments. I like the photo and the paper. Lovely layout.

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Your heartfelt journaling is wonderful and gives us the true meaning behind this tree. How nice that you have the photo, too. Your whole page is beautiful and I especially like how you used the plaid.

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Wow wow Wow... amazing decorations you made. I love your special journaling it is so good to document all that and in such detail.  Super paper background.

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Marilyn this is fabulous and your journaling is so special, what a memory and I can relate to wanting to put the tree up but not getting the decorations out, fabulous idea making them all. Love the 70's feel to this page :) 

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Such a meaningful layout. Like others have said, having a photo of your tree is extra special, and all the memories surrounding it are so poignant and well expressed. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. This truly is the meaning of Christmas.

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Yes it probably was sad to go through the old ornaments but it might have been a way to keep you all occupied so you wouldn’t dwell in the grief so much, art therapy (a precursor to digital therapy ☺️). What a treasured photo to have with all the fond memories of making the ornaments and what a heart warming layout you created, especially since the anniversary of your mom’s passing. I like the retro vibe and the touches of glitter. Thank you for sharing this special memory with us. 💜

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