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Adding Journaling----

When we first got married we would drive from Maryland to CT to spend the holidays with family. It was always wonderful to be back
with them all.

Then when we lived in Germany we would send gifts home and shop for the kids. We always invited several of the single guys over
so they would not have to be alone.  We would make a feast then spend time playing with the kids or just chatting. We went to the
Kristkindlmart many times. We also attended many  Christmas party's at friends houses.

When we moved to Tennessee we would open gifts and have a nice breakfast. We had to wrap certain presents in special paper from
Santa,using left hand to write labels. I baked with the kids so we could have cookies to put out for Santa. We spent many nights
putting together toys while the kids slept.We spent many holiday with Gary, Emily, Paula and Jesse. Kids playing with new toys while
Em and I made a feast. Fun times.

When the children were young in CT we used to take a day off work and go shopping for them.
I made then PJ’s and for Kris I would make matching ones for the doll she was getting that year.
I made many gifts for friends and family, mostly hand sewn.I would wrap every
chance I had. When my parents were alive we would go there for Christmas Eve so celebrate
Dad’s birthday.. Everyone came to our  house for Christmas day. Jay’s parents and Nancy
would come over. We would  exchange gifts and I prepared a big meal for everyone. Then
we lost Mom so Allison and I would make the meal, take it to Dad’s and we would spend
his birthday with him like always. We lost family members, our kids got
married and we sold the big house. Things changed so we would just have
an open house with food and gifts for everyone. It was good but the
old days were the best.

Now in Florida. I go to spend Christmas in CT every other year.
We have a small tree here but I usually put it up myself  remembering
each decoration for its special memory. We spend time with our
good friends here. House parties, club parties, caroling but always
facetime with our kids and grandchildren. The worst part of
moving to Florida is not spending Christmas with our children
and grandchildren.

Christmas Fact: Christmas is best with children and grandchildren!

Through these 50+ years things have changed so much. I guess
I will always have wonderful memories of Christmas past
and present..

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This is so pretty and I like how you put it together - especially the sparkly stars!   I'm sorry I can't read your journaling as my screen is so little.   I like your Christmas cluster, it's so festive!

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Such interesting journaling. This will be a keepsake one day for your kids for the memories and documentation alone. I like your simple trees and the big title.

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Great journaling! And I agree with Celestine, above, that it's a keepsake for your family. It's good for your grandkids, especially, to know something about your life. I like your simple embellishment and the sparkle you added to your title.

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I LOVE your page. I love the way you accented the title. The cluster is super cute.  Great job with your journaling. You have lead a very interesting life.  

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