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SG Cozy Christmas 2022 Bingo #25: Glitter - Gingerbread


This was a great exhibit I went to with a friend.   I've been working on this page forever and can't get it right so here it is.   
For this layout I used:
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
AFT SS Styles Every Day Glitter
AFT Gingerbread Collection
BHS SS Falala Template
CKA AHA Ginger Tidings Grab Bag
K Aargard Gingerbread
and my own photos

Photo Information for SG Cozy Christmas 2022 Bingo #25: Glitter - Gingerbread


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Wow - those are incredible! I can't decide which I like the best, and they are all so very different. Great use of patterns and borders and glitter as well. It is very cute the way you made the images look like ornaments.

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It’s perfect Marilyn. What. Great exhibit to see. The balancing of that house…eeek I’d be freaking out that it falls over. Wonderfully scrapped.

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Love how you made the ornaments! Those are sure fancy with so many extra touches like the stairs and domes on them. Love your background and the border work.

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Beautiful gingerbread houses!  I like how you turned each one into a glittery ornament! & the gingerbread glitter around the border of the page adds more ... glitter. Christmas LO call for glitter!!!

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45 minutes ago, englishrose said:

People's creativity never ceases to amaze me. the russian cathedral is stunning. Love the gingerbread coloured border and the sprinkles.

Thank you, Hilary and you reminded me.  I'd written down the name of that cathedral on a photo copy and then deleted it by mistake.  I meant to go back and find it again!   

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