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GWH_Joyful, MPE_TakeaHike, AHA_MyDigitalLife Journaling- When our children were small after all the Christmas Eve celebrations we would put out cookies & milk for Santa with a few carrots for the reindeer. Then put them in bed saying “you better try to sleep so Santa can come deliver your gifts if you are not sleeping he cannot stop”. Jay would sneak out to the house with some jingle bells and his old army flashlight that had a red flashing light. He would go into the back yard flashing the light and ringing the bells. I would run upstairs saying ’Look out the window there is Rudolph's red nose and hear the bells?. Santa cannot stop since you are still awake.” Jay would rush in as the kids were so excited to tell him that Santa is near and off to sleep they went!!!
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That's a great story and wonderful idea and I enjoyed your journaling.  I also really like the story you created with the house and Santa flying over - so cool and very pretty!

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That santa embellishment and house is perfect to go with your well written story. Thankyou for taking part in my challenge. 

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That is the sweetest story and was a lot of effort to reinforce (especially if the weather was cold and snowy). What a special memory you have preserved.

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