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Project Cozy Christmas Week 5: Blessings and Gratitude

Amy D

Journaling: I am most grateful for the people in my life - from the day I was born to those who will be in my future. I’m grateful for my Dad who introduced me to storytelling, reading, a quest for knowledge and critical thinking. I’m grateful for a Mom who cultivated my love for creativity and learning. She took the time to pass on life skills that are crucial and used daily. I’m grateful that my son came to PA and moved me back to TN. Every day is filled with aggravation and laughter at the same time! I’m grateful for a daughter who is more of an adult than I am and continues to enrich my life with great quality people. I’m grateful for the furry, four legged souls in my life that chase the shadows of leaves, lounge on couches and seem to just know when I need snuggles.

I’m so thankful for a terrific family who provided love, hauled mattresses, transported my belongings, provided shelter, and are great cooks! I am appreciative of all the moments and memories I was able to contribute to, in the lives of all those young people as a 4-H Agent and educator. I am grateful for Talledega Nights, Gerard Butler, coffee, remote start, WiFi, indoor plumbing, having chauffeurs, grocery shopping online, audiobooks, scrunchies, sweatpants, and so much more! What a blessing to have dodged some bullets and to have gotten to experience different destinations throughout my life. No matter how I consider events and things in my life; I will always be grateful for the blessings - even those in disguise!

She Drew New Lines by KK, Roadmap by BMU, Die Cut Alpha & Shadow Styles by SNU

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Your journaling is so heartfelt and wonderful, I almost feel as if you are talking to me.   I really like how you used the books with the fancy border and your word art and background is perfect for this page.   I like the corner quotes too, this is really such a special page, Amy. 

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